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About residential service

Garbage collection that respects you, your home, your neighborhood, and your community. Our company helps you manage and properly dispose of your trash in a clean and healthy way.

Areas we service: Semmes, West Mobile, Tillman Corner, Theodore and more

Our Carts

Why Pink?

Kick cancer to the curb

We love to see our bright pink cans lining the streets. Starting in 2014, we wanted to give our customers the option of a colored can with a purpose. We received our first shipment and announced our “kick cancer to the curb” pink breast cancer awareness cans. We donate $5 from each can to the American Breast Cancer Society.

As a family that has dealt with loss due to cancer, we know this is a great way to make a difference in our community and beyond.

Why Black?

Impacting our Community One Can at a Time

As a local sanitation service, we want to make sure that as we grow, we use our platform to give back to our community. The Mcduffie’s have serviced the Mobile area for over 20 years. They have watched new businesses, schools, churches and nonprofit organizations spour up all over. We want to make sure we support local businesses in our community. The black can is our mission can. $5 from each can is donated to a local cause.

Take a look at some of the awesome donations we have made!